Nonprofit Marketing

#Hashtags – Why They’re Crucial to Your Social Media Campaign

Do you remember when hashtags first emerged on the social media scene?  There was a lot of confusion about the new use of the “number sign.”  Today, their purpose and value has become clear as online chatter increases along with the need for organization.  The Internet and social media are inundated with new content.  Just […]

Online Activism

How Social Media has Changed Activism – A look at the benefits of online activism

by Heather Kallevig One of the greatest problems historically hounding Nonprofits has been marketing. How can an organization with very little funds and a meager budget ever hope to effectively advertise? Traditional methods included word of mouth, fliers, conventional media – radio, TV, newspapers, etc. These past techniques required intense legwork and man hours to […]

Using Weak Ties to Strengthen Nonprofit Marketing

by Heather Kallevig Marketing is an important part of running a business or organization. In order to gain supporters, customers, people using your service, etc, a company must use public relations, advertising, and market research to promote and sell their products and services. All of these components require dedication of time and money. This is […]