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Search Engine Optimization – Firespring Webinar

by Heather Kallevig In the modern world, everyone is online and organization’s hoping to succeed must capitalize on available social media tools. Online interaction is key to building a vested community of supporters. Regularly updated social media is essential. Having a dialogic website is necessary. Once these steps are completed, however, there is still more […]

Technology Take Over: Article Review: Technology Distraction and the Learning Environment

by Heather Kallevig Technology is taking over. As we walk the steps of our daily lives, an observer will witness people using their devices with purpose or distraction. Whether parents are attempting to entertain their children with an iPad game, a faculty member is e-mailing during a meeting, students are Facebooking in the middle of […]

Likeable Social Media – a Review

by Heather Kallevig of Northern Light Social Media In his New York Times and USA Today bestseller, Likeable Social Media, Dave Kerpen describes a revolutionary concept that is changing the way businesses and consumers interact. In the 20th century consumerism and marketing were part of a cold, disconnected world, driven by advertising endorsements, dollars, and […]