About Us

We are a small business dedicated to helping others grow!

We know what works for small companies and nonprofits.


Mission Statement:

Using our online resources in branding, marketing, and communication to help small businesses and nonprofits grow.

We offer:

  • social media outreach via profile creation and content generation
  • blog creation and writing to gain the attention of your community of customers
  • copywriting needs including webpage, brochure, and company e-mails
  • webpage design, maintenance, and/or support


Heather Kallevig - Northern Light Social MediaHeather Kallevig, communication and marketing

Heather has a Master’s Degree in communication and a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation from nationally ranked Purdue University.

Heather’s main areas of focus include social media and small business entrepreneurship and nonprofit organizations.  She knows what it means to be a small business and the work required to succeed.


Learn more about Heather at heatherkallevig.com


Joe Kallevig - Northern Light Social MediaJosef Kallevig, marketing and business management

Joe has a Masters degree in engineering from Purdue and an MBA from Oklahoma State.  He has received extensive leadership and management training and has a passion for business.

Joe’s strength lies in developing business plans and marketing strategy for small businesses.  He feels that there are opportunities in every market and that a goal-based approach combined with sound strategy can get any business ahead of the competition.


Let our team put your company on the digital map!